Toxi-Labâ„¢ Synthetic Testing Educational Kit

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Simulating the Acute Toxicity Test for the Classroom


Timeline: 75 Minutes to 150 Minutes

About the Synthetic Toxi-LabTM: The synthetic Toxi-LabTM is based on the ability to simulate toxicity testing in the context of a real world scenario with unique environmental samples.  The synthetic Toxi-LabTM is able to simulate a test to different compounds to determine toxicity levels. EBPI designed these kits to give reproducible results that are similar to the bacterial based experiment.

Typical results for the synthetic Toxi-LabTM is shown on Figure 1.  Clear gradations in colour illustrate the effect of concentration on toxicity.  Each column allow students to quantify the toxic effects of the various test samples. 

 Simulation Toxicity Lab Sample ResultsFigure 1 Reaction: This experiment involves a simulation of a test that includes four unknown samples and three control samples: one positive sample (standard toxicant), one negative control, and one blank column.




toxi lab synthetic toxicity educational kit


Download the Handout which includes Educator Resources, Student Handout, Preparation, and Lab Procedure.

Learning Goals (see About Us for Details):  LG 1, LG 2, LG 3, LG 4, LG 11

Synthetic Toxi-LabTM Information for the Educator

The synthetic Toxi-LabTM is offered in a format that will meet the needs of most class sizes and
schedules. Each kit contains sufficient components for one lab experiment.  The bottles and vials
in the synthetic Toxi-LabTM are labelled with clear, bold letters that are coded.  The synthetic Toxi-LabTM 
is designed for students to work in 12 groups of two to four students each.  We also provide
resources to complete the lab experiment along with a lab booklet. Each booklet contains information
on concepts, preparation, the procedure, observing and recording results, further analysis,
and a student lab report for assessment and evaluation. EBPI can supply further supplies and
equipment as needed. See our supplies and equipment section for further information.

If you have further inquiries or concerns, please contact us.