Note - This section can only be used as part of the lab experiment if students are using one of the following high school biotechnology labs:

toxi lab bacterial toxicity educational kit logo.jpgToxi-LabTM High School Biotechnology Kit  Students Sampling Biotechnology
coli lab ecoli testing educational kit logoColi-LabTM High School Biotechnology Kit 
sedi lab bacterial toxicity educational kit logoSedi-LabTM High School Biotechnology Kit 



Students in their groups will acquire samples for the lab experiment.  This section is optional and does not need to be done if the educator provides the samples.  Before you begin this particular activity, you can design the site sample study in two ways:

Option 1:  You will assign each group a site to acquire sample(s) for the lab experiment.
Option 2:  Each student group will select a site to acquire sample(s) for the lab experiment with your permission.

Once you decided on your option, you can organize the sample collecting in a field trip with your class. Ensure it is reasonably close to your school (within a 1 hour drive) and it will be ok for your class to be at the site.  You may require permission and sometimes those sites may be studied by other organizations or institutions.  Reach out to them if they can assist you.

Safety Note: It is very important to have students read the ‘Field Work Guidelines’ for safety guidelines, instructions, and tips of how to acquire their samples.


Field Work Guidelines Student Site Lab
Site Sample Study Student Lab Sample
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