Debating Testing Methods

The purpose is to introduce to students some of the moral and ethical issues surrounding the use of animals in Toxicology research. Environmental Toxicology is a profession where testing and monitoring are essential to understand the effects of various substances in the environment as well as to our health.  Despite many advances in the way we test substances such as the development of ‘in vitro’ and computational models, these efforts have not changed the predominant role that animals have in Toxicology research.

The class should be divided into three groups. The first group will be a Municipal Environmental Remediation Group (MERG), the second group will be the pro-animal testing, and the third group will be human cell systems testing.  Each of the three groups will be given information on their roles, assignment, and expectations. There will be a small debate about the use of animals in toxicology testing. Once the debate is done, the first group (MERG) will make a decision on which testing method is superior and the rationale.

Click on the handouts below for instructions on how to complete this activity with your class:

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