Testing Chemicals

A chemical is a substance with a consistent composition and are one of the building blocks of our planet. We count on many different substances on a daily basis for many different functions, such as consumption and cleaning. Chemical substances are made through a variety of processes, some are naturally occurring while others are byproducts of reactions or it is manufactured.

However, there are chemical substances that can potentially cause harm to ourselves in certain amounts. We are exposed to chemicals through the air, water, and soil. The environmental impact varies depending on the amount of the chemical, the level of exposure, and the way the chemical is released.

Environmental toxicity is the study of the presence of toxicants in our local environment through various sources. Monitoring toxicity levels is essential to maintain our ecosystems and ensure our overall health.

Using either the Muta-LabTM, Toxi-LabTM, or Geno-LabTM high school biotechnology kits, students will learn the effects of chemicals in organisms or the environment through the study of the toxic effects of chemicals, organic compounds, hydrocarbons, and metals in certain forms and doses on life.

Muta-LabTMThe Muta-LabTM high school biotechnology kit is a bacterial based assay that tests for mutagenicity. The kit is based on the Ames test which is the gold standard to examine the potential of mutations in human genetics. Our kits use a genetically modified strain of E.coli or Salmonella which allow students to understand the process of how mutations occur as well as understand the underlining experimental design and observation.

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Toxi-LabTMThe Toxi-LabTM high school biotechnology kit utilizes a non-pathogenic strain of E.coli that are sensitive to a wide spectrum of toxic substances such as heavy metals as well as organic or inorganic pollutants. It may be used to detect the presence of toxic substances in water and soil/sediment extracts.

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Geno-LabTMThe Geno-LabTM high school biotechnology kit is based on genetically engineered E.coli, which measures the primary response of a cell to genetic damage. In just a few hours, the kit provides a clear, completely objective measurement of the genotoxicity of a sample by a simple visual qualitative evaluation of the degree of DNA damage the cell experiences by observing the colour obtained.

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